What to expect before and after your Myomectomy

Myomectomy – Patient Check-Off List

To do prior to surgery:

  • Schedule appointment with physician to discuss surgery – this will be your initial visit & a pelvic exam will be done.
    • All surgical appointments are scheduled on Tuesday mornings at the Parkview Women & Children’s Hospital, Building 2C, at our office in Suite 202
  • Schedule surgery with Surgery Scheduler
  • Schedule pre-op visit – surgery scheduler will schedule for you on a Tuesday morning
    • If you are experiencing any abnormal vaginal discharge, odor, or irritation it is  very important for you to let us aware of this at your pre-op visit or call & tell us sooner than your appointment.
  • Watch Hysterectomy Video before surgery (The video is an informative video, there is not a video directly for a myomectomy. When looking at technique & approach a hysterectomy is the closest to a myomectomy. This will give you an idea of what to expect.)
  • Fill post-op medications prior to surgery – these medications will be given at your pre-op visit
  • Turn in any FMLA or disability papers that need to be filled out. Those are turned into the front desk & take 7-10 days to be completed, so please turn them in early.

To do after surgery:

  • At your pre-op visit you will want to schedule 2 post-op appointments for after surgery, these appointments will be scheduled on Tuesday mornings:
  1. Schedule appointment for 2 weeks after surgery for first post-op check – there will only be a pelvic exam at this visit if you are experiencing vaginal discharge, odor, or irritation – as this can be a sign of an infection.
  2. Schedule appointment for 6weeks after surgery for second post-op check – there will be a pelvic exam at this visit.
  • Patients should plan to be off work 2-6 weeks after surgery, although most patients return to work after 2-4 weeks after undergoing a myomectomy. Each patient is different on how they recover, so for the best outcome it is in your best interest to follow our guidelines during your recovery time.
  • Patients cannot have intercourse until after their 6 week post op check, due to the stitches still healing from surgery


Any Questions regarding your surgery please contact us via phone, you can text or call 260-267-5530 or you can reach us via email: gclyobgyn@gmail.com or christopher.stroud@parkview.com

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